Introduction of NutsExporters Company

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Nuts Exporters

International NutsExporters Trading Company operates as a major sales and export company of Iranian nuts and nuts. Iran is known as one of the countries producing and supplying nuts and dried fruits such as pistachios, raisins, figs and mixed nuts, and every year they export a large part of agricultural products, which also increases the currency of the country. Be.

 Advantages of Nutsexporters Company

In addition to being a strong supplier in the field of nuts and dried fruits, the company has a basket of specialized products in some agricultural products such as saffron, rice, honey, dates and Iranian tea, and in addition to cooperating with small suppliers with some Iranian companies active in The field of supply of these goods cooperates. Also, due to the sale and export of products in bulk, the cost of these products will be much lower than the usual market price.

Purpose and visions of the company

Nut Exporters Trading Company is trying to prepare a comprehensive and complete basket of agricultural products, especially Iranian products, to be able to prepare it for sale and export at a reasonable price.

This post is also available in: فارسی

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